The VRAC – Virtual Reality Art Collective – is a group of VR creative practitioners.
The VRAC manifesto proposes to create Artworks using Virtual Reality designing sensitive and participative interactions
referring to two art movements: the Surrealism and the GRAV (the Research Group in Visual Art).

Artworks from the VRAC aspire to elicit a singular experience in the visitor, emerging from his actions and questioning his own reality.
As part as our creation process, the collective develop various ways to engage a large audience in a participatory stance:
workshops, performances, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.


The team

Guillaume Bertinet
3D graphic designer, specialized in real-time image and VR compositing, his main interest lies in exploring how to guide the visitor in the image through light and movement in VR experiences [La Chambre de K, Lab’Surd]. He is currently a lead artist at InnerspaceVR, and co-founder of the VRAC.

Judith Guez
Judith Guez is an artist – researcher in VR/AR. Her research focuses on understanding and creating illusions between the real and the virtual to explore new artistic forms, mobilizing the concept of presence and wonder [La chambre de Kristoffer, Lab’Surd, InterACTE, Liber, Rock Art Rocks me]. She is co-founder of the VRAC.

Jean-François Jégo
Jean-François Jégo is artist-researcher and associate-professor at the INReV Virtual Reality (VR) Laboratory at the Université Paris 8. He creates since 2005 immersive and interactive VR experiences which question human perception and the aesthetics of interaction, exploring embodied interaction, focusing on the expressivity of human and virtual gestures in digital art. His art installations have been exhibited internationally in French and Taiwanese Art centers and in many venues including Ars Electronica, Cyberfest. He is co-founder of the VRAC.

Kevin Wagrez
Kevin Wagrez is a VR expert for more than 6 years, always looking for new opportunity to be at the heart of the creative process of designing aesthetic VR experiences. As a research engineer, he explored the fields of artificial intelligence and embodied interaction in VR setup. His work on PlayHead, a VR experience with immersive sonification on the Samsung Gear, contributed to the foundation of InnerspaceVR in Seoul, Korea. His VR career is punctuated by creative initiatives to explore new ways to collaboratively design VR experiences: playing with illusions in Labsurd, participating in several Global Game Jam events in order to create VR games [Liber, TrueToyz, Fly or Die]. He is co-founder of the VRAC.