Interactive Installation – 2018

Guillaume Bertinet, Judith Guez, Jean-François Jégo

Digital painting tool, the Scénograffeur invites spectators to freely draw with light graph of the exhibition space. This virtual and real time painting tool has multiple use cases and propose to enhance performances with interactive visuals, in the hands of the VRAC collective, or of the spectators.
– Scénograffeur #Hand
Spectators are allowed to participate in the exhibition’s scenography using a tablet allowing evolving graphic expressions, which leave room for creativity.
– Scénograffeur #Body
The body version of the Scénograffeur is painting tool engaging the body. It allows to transpose and to increase the gestures of the spectator playing with traces and imprints that follow his movements. These light paintings can be video projected on the environment or on the spectator’s own body using interactive videomapping.


Galerie UQO, feat. Thomas CSABA (guitar) & the VRAC, Canada, 2018